Ministerial Compensation Guidelines 

The Vermont Conference of the United Church of Christ, seeking to balance the growth, vitality, and financial sustainability
of its churches with the fair and proper compensation of its authorized ministers, recommends that all congregations
work to meet the goals as outlined in these Compensation Guidelines for Authorized Ministers.

The guidelines apply to all people serving in authorized ministries of the church, including those serving full-time and part-time.
It includes pastors who serve as solo, as senior, co-pastor, or as associate or assistant pastor. It applies to settled, interim, and designated term pastors.
The guidelines also describe compensation for supply pastors. The primary operating principle for these guidelines is fair and just compensation
for all authorized ministers. Authorized ministers serving our churches should be able to earn enough income,

which includes base salary and housing,plus benefits to live in the community they serve.

The Vermont Conferene, UCC recommends the Pension Boards for health, vision and dental coverage as well as for retirement annuity. The Pension Boards are a member body of the United Church of Christ.
Please note that UCC ministers who are enrolled in the Pension Boards health coverage may transfer that coverage from setting to setting. Churches should budget for this probability when discerning their compensation package.