Farewell, Welcome and Blessings

Pastoral Transitions since the 2024 Vermont Conference Annual Meeting

Departing Pastors

Rev. Doug Carter concluded his ministry with Danville Congregational Church and has felt a calling to ministry in Canada.

Rev. Alison Andrea Young concluded her ministry as pastor of First Congregational Church in Berlin and was called to First Congregational UCC of Onekama in Michigan


Rev. Leigh G. McCaffrey concluded her ministry as pastor of  Barre Congregational Church.


Rev. Andrew Ponder-Williams concluded his ministry as Pastor of United Community Church in St. Johnsbury and was called to North Community Church in Massachusetts.


Rev. Julie Lombard concluded her ministry as pastor at United Church of Northfield and was called to Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Milford, NH.


Rev. Lucia Anne Jackson was called to
Day’s Ferry Congregational Church  in Woolrich, Maine.


Pastor Karen Braeutigam concluded her ministry as Bridge Pastor for Fair Haven Congregational Church.


Rev. Sally May concluded her ministry at Mallets Bay Congregational Church, Colchester.


Rev. Elisa Luccozi concluded her ministry as Pastor of  Guilford Community Church.


Rev. Devon Thomas concluded his ministry with Waterville Union Church, Second Congregational UCC, Hyde Park, and Second Congregational UCC, Jeffersonville and was called to Ascension Lutheran Church in South Burlington.


Rev. Mary Hoadley concluded her ministry at the Brownington Village Congregational Church.


Rev. Amy Pitton concluded her ministry with Bethany Church, UCC in Montpelier.


Rev. Mark Pitton retired from Sharon Congregational Church.


Rev. Evelyn Lavelli  retired from United Church of Hardwick.


Rev. Dr. Arnold Isidore Thomas retired from
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

Arriving Pastors

Rev. Stephen R. Longley was called as the Pastoral Assistant at the United Church of Dorset.

Pastor Jane LoBrutto was called as Pastor for Fair Haven Congregational Church.

Rev. Sally May was called  as Pastor to Second Congregational United Church of Christ in Jeffersonville.


Pastor Andris Berry-Rupert was called as Pastor to the federated church of East Arlington.


Rev. Hadley Bunting was called as Associate Pastor for Families, Children and Youth at Charlotte Congregational Church.


Rev. John Weatherhogg was called as Pastor to North Bennington Congregational Church



Rev. Sara Rossigg was installed as Pastor of Brandon Congregational Church on May 10, 2023


Rev. Terry Hanley was installed as Pastor of Grace Church in Rutland on September 10, 2023.


Rev. Bill Borror was installled as Pastor of  First Congregational Church of Manchester on September 17, 2023.


Rev. Rameen Zahed was installed as Pastor of Old Meeting House Church in East Montpelier on

September 24, 2023.


Rev. Jenei Rossig was installed as Pastor of Union Church in Proctor VT on November 12, 2023.


Rev. Jeremy Kirk was installed as Pastor at First Congregational UCC , Brattleboro on November 19, 2023


Pastor Jane LoBrutto was installed as Pastor at  First Congregational Church of Fair Haven UCC, Fair Haven, VT click here for the service



Ecclesiastical Council

Windham Union Association held an Ecclesiastical Council for Matt Deen and he was approved for ordination.




Rev. Hadley Bunting was ordained on October 1 , 2023 at Charlotte Congregational Church.


In Memorium


Rev. David J. Dean, Pastor Emeritus

January 12, 1931– April 2, 2023

Reverend James William Leamon

July 20, 1941 – May 14, 2023

Rev. Anne M. Hancock

May 2, 1929 -June 3, 2023

Reverend John S. Holt
April 19, 1960 ~ July 8, 2023

Reverend Christina Jane Del Piero 
August 28, 1957 - July 17, 2023

Reverend Cornelius 'Neil' Carr 
October 2, 1939 – August 12, 2023

Reverend Margaret "Peg" Slater
February 10, 1945  -  August 31, 2023

Rev. Dr. Harry Robert Flad
December 6, 1938 - December 30, 2023

Reverend William E. Nelson
 July 8, 1944 - November 15, 2023

Reverend Doctor Mary Newgeon Hawkes
June 27,1934 - July 8, 2023

Reverend Richard A. White

August 6, 1948 ~ January 2, 2024

Rev. Kurt Frederick Herber

October 21, 1946 — April 8, 2024